Company Overview

Namma Cargo Services was founded as an international freight forwarding company with a long-range strategy of providing comprehensive and integrated logistics and materials management services for international project forwarding.
The company’s entire infrastructure - its systems, services, facilities and personnel – has developed largely in direct response to the transportation needs of Saudi Arabian industrial, commercial and public sectors.

Namma provided total logistics services including International Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance and Transportation to several companies of SABIC Group, namely Ibn Al-Baytar, Safco, Samad, Kemya and Hadeed. Currently, Namma is handling total movement of cargo from worldwide locations for Saudi Chevron Petrochemical Co., Gulfguard, Saudi Crane, Middle East Power Company, Middle East Battery, Saudi Bea Fasteners and many other companies. Additionally, Namma Cargo has executed various prestigious projects in Saudi Arabia for many local and overseas CLIENTS, such as:

  • IBN-ZAHR PP-II Project for Parsons International, 
  • Al Faisaliah Center Project, 
  • Petrokemya Olefins Furnace Project for Technip/KTI Demag, 
  • Gas Expansion Project for Air Products-UK, 
  • SHARQ second Expansion Project for Chiyoda/CCC, 
  • Aramco Shudgum Debottling Project for Prichard Al-Bassam. 
  • Saudi Chevron Petrochemical Project for Fluor Daniel/Chiyoda 
  • Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Expansion Project for M. S. Al-Suwaidi 
  • SAFCO Ammonia and Urea Plant Project for Tecnimont 
  • Ralph M. Parsons Project ARAMCO 
  • SADAF KFIP Project for Fluor Arabia Ltd. 
  • ABB Lummus Project for Saudi Aramco Berri Gas 
  • SAMAD DOP Project for Mitsuibishi Kakoki Kaisha 
  • Brown & Root SADAF Expansion Projects 
  • Rastanura Refinery Upgrade Project for JGC 
  • Ibn Rushd Aromatics & PTA Plant Project for Bechtel
  • SASREF Thermal Gasoil Gas Unit Turbine Project for Foster Wheeler.

Over the years, Namma Cargo Services has executed various prestigious projects for Saudi Aramco for many overseas clients, specializing in moving heavy and oversized cargoes of any size from worldwide locations to the project site in the Kingdom, such as, ABB-Lummus-Aramco Berri Gas Plant Project, Saudi Techint Shaybah-Abqaiq Pipeline Project, Parsons-Aramco Uthmaniyah Gas Plant Expansion Project, McConnel Dowell-Riyadh Refinery Computer Upgrade Project, McConnel Dowel Rastanura/Dhahran FPP Project, Techint-Hawiyah Aramco Pipeline Project, CCC-Hawiyah Gas Plant Project for Aramco, Prichard Al-Bassam for Shedgum Bottleneck Project and particularly we are doing two major projects for Snamprogetti – Rastanura Kuff Condensate Fractionation Project and Haradh Arabian Light Crude Increment-II Project. In addition to this we have been awarded by Saudi Arabian Saipem the Aramco Project Sales Gas to Yanbu AY-I Conversion.

Although project shipping has over the years been Namma’s principal focus, the company also proudly services many large and small Saudi commercial exporters and importers. Namma’s strong traffic expertise, advanced IT capabilities and rigid attention to documentation details make the company attractive to commercial as well as project shippers.

Although many factors contribute to Namma’s development, the key to the company’s growth and success today is the quality and dedication of its employees, all of whom are geared to respond to clients requirements with a sense of urgency. Namma employs more than 700 full time personnel.

Our project division handles comprehensive logistics services. These services include forwarding of materials and equipment for petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, refineries, power plants, and other heavy industrial complexes. Namma offers a full spectrum of forwarding services for both ocean and air transportation from worldwide locations. The international routings are carefully examined to determine the safest and most economical mode of transport. In conjunction with our overseas agents and joint ventures, Namma arranges for cargo clearance and customs formalities at ports of discharge.

Furthermore, in recognition of our customers’ reporting needs, Namma has developed POLEP system [Purchase Order Logistics and Expediting Program], a computerized cargo tracking information system. Utilizing our in-house developed POLEP system, customers can avail the facility to expedite, process and monitor [24 hours a day and 7 days a week] each purchase order line item from its issuance until the final delivery of the shipment at the destination. This is paramount to Namma’s success in becoming the first choice of Saudi customers in filling their global logistics requirements.

In more specific detail, Namma clears and delivers shipments completely through our computer network, which includes the duty exemption process, translation and preparation of Customs Declaration, document preparation in conformation to duty exemption listing, and pre-shipment clearance activities, when required.

To respond to the specialized needs of customers, Namma has acquired SITA network, enabling access to all international airlines and worldwide partners for data interchange, thus widening Namma’s total communication network. When rapid transit times and sophisticated tracking systems are necessary, Namma can meet this demand easily.

As our customers’ distribution needs grew, we expanded our warehousing capabilities. Our warehouse and export divisions provide a full range of services to meet all requirements for ocean, air and domestic shipments. Our operations are equipped with highly skilled personnel, experienced in packing cargo pieces and personal effects shipments. Varying packing methods are adopted to ensure full safety of materials throughout the door-to-door move.

At present Namma has eight offices throughout the Kingdom, namely Al-Khobar [headquarters], Jubail, Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu, Bahrain Causeway, Al-Batha Border, Tabuk and Rabigh. Above all, Namma has personnel, equipment, technology, and Kingdom-wide presence to successfully manage logistics requirements of the Saudi community.