General Cargo Inbound

Namma is ideally positioned to provide effective solutions to its customers' worldwide air and ocean importing needs. With space reserved on the world's leading cargo and commercial airlines and shipping lines, Namma provides maximum flight/sailing flexibility and a complete schedule of delivery options for inbound shipments.

Namma has the ability to perform complete door-to-door services for the movement of general cargo from any worldwide location. We have a comprehensive communications structure for up-to-the minute information on shipment movement and duty exemption requirements. Cargo information and movement are monitored on a 24-hour basis through our dedicated communications network.

More than a decade of experience combined with highly advanced information technology, enables Namma Cargo to move the shipments quickly and safely. In addition to highly experienced classifiers and translators, we have a dedicated customs clearance team at all entry ports of Saudi Arabia to ensure smooth customs clearance transactions.

General Cargo Outbound

Competitive rates and sophisticated shipment handling are some of Namma's unique selling points. Our  We provide the ability to access air and ocean cargo space and the optimum utilization of shipping containers.

Namma's staff is conversant with export procedures and selection of the most suitable airlines and shipping lines. Staff expertise combined with the support of its global partners, enable the Company to meet the desired delivery schedule in the most economical way.

We assist the Saudi industrial community with the preparation of their export documentation, selecting the most economical method of shipping and best transit time. While in transit, shipments are monitored and customers are notified of arrival and final delivery.

Our customers can rely on our specialists taking care of all shipping transactions including customs clearance and delivery at destination.

Freight Forwarding

Namma Cargo Services can provide a worldwide warehouse-to-warehouse Air/Ocean Project Freight Forwarding Service from any worldwide locations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Namma Cargo Services can monitor each shipment down to the individual purchase order line item, to allow complete control and 24 hour a day tracking facility through our in-house developed "Purchase Order Logistic and Expediting Program" [POLEP]. Purchase orders can be monitored through POLEP from time of issuance until final delivery at project site.

Namma Cargo can provide marshalling/consolidation services from major gateways of your choice.  Consolidation service includes receipt, inspection, marking, handling, documentation and shipping of clients’ cargo.

Namma Cargo Services can provide in-Kingdom liaison with the various Government Agencies and Ministries for the purpose of obtaining various permits, licenses duty exemptions.

Namma Cargo Services ensures that our overseas associate agents fully understand the complex requirements of moving freight into Saudi Arabia, the methodology of document preparations for project material being imported on duty exempt basis.

Customs Clearance

Namma Cargo Services is fully licensed and completely staffed in the areas of customs clearance, both at Airport and Seaport.

Namma Cargo Services can provide interface with the various Ministries, if required, so as to expedite customs clearance requirements for specialized materials.

Preparation of customs declaration "Bayan" and translation are done automatically through in-house computer system conforming to Saudi Customs rules and regulations.

Namma Cargo Services possesses a complete fleet of trucks in each of our Kingdom wide offices which can provide both inter-city or intra-Kingdom transportation requirements for your organization.

Household Goods

Namma Cargo Services specializes in complete door-to-door delivery of hosehold goods and personal effects around the world. Our owrldwide partners assist us in moving our customers' personal effects and household goods in the most professional and economical manner.

A specialized packing and crating staff is located in each of our locations, who can provide professional export packing and crating services. High-quality sea/airworthy packing materials are utilized to ensure complete safety of the goods throughout the move. Our destination services are entrusted to our worldwide partners who handle all import customs clearance services on our customers' behalf.

As we believe the productivity and peace of mind of a valued employee is essential to a corporation's success, Namma provides fully comprehensive all risks insurance coverage for household goods and personal effects at a competitive cost. Additionally, our warehouses at origins and destinations are fully insured and protected.

Relocation to a foreign country is a major task for family. Our trained specialist will work with customers through all stages of employee relocation for a trouble free moving and safe arrival of their personal belongings.

Warehousing & Distribution

Namma Cargo Services possesses in each of our Kingdom wide locations, a fully covered and secured warehouse for short and long term storage services.  Material in storage is documented and monitored throughout the storage process.

Namma Cargo Services can provide warehousing and distribution services in any Kingdom-wide locations .

Namma Cargo Services has a comprehensive procedure for the receipt, monitoring, movement and distribution of project material.  The services can allow an organization to utilize Namma Cargo Service for its complete distribution and transportation services.

Local Move & Exhibition

Namma Cargo Services can provide moving services within any city in Saudi Arabia and throughout the kingdom. Facilities are available to provide door-to-door inland transportation utilizing our origin and destination crews located in each region in Saudi Arabia.

Our local move services include, office and residential relocations, commercial transportation of 20' and 40' containers, general cargo and heavy-lift transportation to project sites. The company-owned fleet of vehicles include furniture vans, flatbed trucks, trucks with lift gates, pick-up trucks supported by tractor heads and low bed trailers. Namma provides shuttle service with "definite time delivery" to major cities of Saudi Arabia.

Namma provides complete services for the movement of exhibition material to any destination in the world, as per the specific requirements of art exhibitors, exhibits and trade shows.

Due to the fast growth of Saudi market, many international exhibitions are held in Saudi Arabia. Namma Cargo has developed know-how in customs clearing, unpacking of the imported materials and re-packing it at the end of the exhibition.

The specialized skills Namma has gained over more than a decade of operation, have allowed us to provide safe and secure inland transportation services.

Duty Exemption
  • Namma Cargo Services can provide full administrative support and consultancy services for the acquisition of customs duty exemption approved for the material imported into Saudi Arabia by Contractor.
  • Namma Cargo Services will prepare the application based on general commodities and chemical/hazardous material being split into two separate categories, to obtain separate customs duty exemptions as well as import permits from the appropriate Ministries.
  • Namma Cargo Services will prepare the translation of material in Arabic, denoting the exact material description and the correct classification numbers as per the customs tariff and quantities requested.
  • The in-house Namma Cargo Services “POLEP” program will keep track of the exact quantity of the material consumption through various entry ports of Saudi Arabia.
  • Namma Cargo Services will periodically provide Contractor with status updates of all the duty exemption items being imported.
  • In the absence of customs duty exemption approval, Namma Cargo Services will assist Contractor in application procedure for the customs duty refund.
  • Namma Cargo Services will keep a complete track of duty paid under deposit basis and the refund status in excel file which will be periodically sent to the LSTK Contractor and PMC Contractor.
Air & Sea Chartering

Namma Cargo Services possesses both experience and expertise in arranging cargo charter flight/vessels, either by air or ocean freight, originating in any worldwide location destined to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Namma Cargo Services has arrangements with chartering carriers, as well as worldwide chartering agencies, in order to provide the most economical and timely movement of cargo charter requirements.

Ocean cargo chartering services involve various types of ocean vessels which are available in the world market, as well as specialized aircraft for utilization for air cargo charter services, viz. 747, DC - 8, 707 and the Hercules Aircraft.

Industrial Equipment Packing

We have experienced crew and special equipment for design and production of top quality crates and for the Industrial equipment packing. When you are crating and shipping large, bulky materials, you need a different approach than shipping smaller items. It can be expensive and complicated to crate and ship large items, such as machinery. We carefully analyze the item's characteristics to determine the best way to pack. We then use the latest packaging technologies in preparing items for shipping.

Project forwarding

With end-to-end management and execution of all logistics aspects of complex global projects, we offer our clients the perfect solutions. Our dedicated project teams at origin, destination, and all transit points in between (including client implants) ensure a successful project with complete visibility throughout the project from initiation to completion stage with live access and client-specific reporting.




  • Dedicated team for Projects Logistics
  • Expertise and capacity to handle large scale projects
  • Heavy-lift and over dimensional cargo transportation
  • Tailor made, creative and flexible solutions
  • Duty Exemption, Chemical Permits, Import Permits & Various Ministry Services
  • Information management systems provide full visibility of project from initiation through to implementation
Exhibitions , Fairs & Events and Motorsports

NAMMA CARGO  is able to provide comprehensive event logistics for exhibitions, trade fairs, arts expos, motorsports and events of every kind. Namma logistics experts are able to  guide and consult for any kind of customer’s queries related to handling, documentation and customs clearances at any airport/ ports/ border customs.  Also we will  ensure  our customer get an efficient import and export processes pre- and  post-events.